The good folks over at FIRE have put out an excellent release about June Sheldon’s victory in her case against the San Jose/Evergreen Community College District.  FIRE supported June from the beginning of her case, writing a letter to the school and calling public attention to her plight.  In fact, from its founding FIRE has supported professors in their fight for expansive First Amendment protections for classroom speech.  Plug into the wayback machine, and you’ll see FIRE’s amicus brief in Bonnell v. Macomb Community College, a case from the late 1990s involving a professor disciplined for his in-class speech.

In the battle for academic freedom, we must always take the long view.  No single case is going to liberate campus speech, and there will never be a shortage of offended students and hair-trigger administrators.  Defending academic freedom requires patience, persistence, and persuasiveness — and when it comes to those qualities, FIRE is three for three.

(Of course, I’m biased).