What is worse than excluding Christian professors from campus?  How about excluding even the mention of Christian ideas.  When the University of Illinois fired Professor Kenneth Howell for teaching about Catholic ideas regarding sexual morality, it was doing something much worse than “merely” firing a Christian; it was declaring that Christian ideas were fundamentally unfit for campus consumption.  It was declaring that students had to be protected from Christian ideas and that the transmission of Christian ideas was so reprehensible that it justified firing a professor without even a hint of due process.

This is anti-intellectualism, pure and simple.  This is an act of defiance against the very idea of a liberal education (as even the leftist educational establishment defines the term).  It is an emphatic statement that students must be protected from thought rather than challenged to think.  It is the culmination of a radical approach to public education that essentially declares: “We know the answer to all the great questions of our time.  Hear our voice and only our voice.”

We have sent a letter to the University urging it to respect Dr. Howell’s rights and restore the marketplace of ideas to campus.  We shall see how it responds.