The effort to normalize homosexual behavior on America’s college campuses continues apace.  The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that Elmhurst College in Illinois “has become the first institution to include a question about sexual orientation and gender identity on its undergraduate admissions application.”  The reason?  “To connect students with campus programs and services.”

An applicant’s answer to the question will also help the college determine eligibility for institutional scholarships given to applicants from “underrepresented groups.”  A student who declares that he consider himself “to be a member of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered) community” will be eligible for the college’s Enrichment Scholarship, which covers one-third of tuition.

Elmhurst is a college of the United Church of Christ, perhaps the most liberal denomination to still call itself “Christian.”

If you believe, as I do, that premarital sexual behavior (including same-sex conduct) is both morally wrong and personally damaging, then you will conclude, as I do, that this is an unwelcome development.  That isn’t my point.  My point is this:  should colleges with a different view of human sexuality also be free to “actualize” their commitments?  Should they be free to deny admission to applicants who reject the Bible’s sexual ethics in word and deed?  Should they be free to work lovingly with students who fall into sexual sin?  Should they be free to shape their students’ beliefs about sexual morality?

ADF’s Center for Academic Freedom believes the answer is yes, and stands ready to protect the religious freedom of such colleges.

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