Remember that tiny free speech zone my colleague David Hacker blogged about a while back?

It seems that Genesee County, Michigan, is out to best that anonymous California community college and win the title of “Most Unconstitutional Speech Zone Ever”.

Behold (courtesy of The Detroit News):

Miller went to the park in June, sat on a picnic table near a stairway leading to the beach and posted a sign reading “Sign Snyder Recall Petition.”

A ranger told her to leave, according to the lawsuit. So she left.

Miller called the parks office. Get a permit, they said.

Two weeks later, she finally received a permit application, which she filled out and returned.

When parks officials approved the permit in late June, it came with a map.

Instead of a picnic table near the stairway leading to the beach, parks officials said she could only solicit signatures from a so-called “Freedom of Speech Area” located 20 feet from a remote corner of a parking lot, far from foot traffic, according to the lawsuit.

In case she couldn’t find it, parks officials spray-painted an orange, 3-by-3 box in the grass.

I wish this was a joke, but the “free speech box” is already the subject of a lawsuit.  The rest of the story is here.