ADF filed a federal lawsuit this week against Texas A&M University on behalf of the Texas Aggie Conservatives, a conservative student organization.  In December 2011, the Aggie Conservatives applied for student organization funding from Texas A&M to bring a nationally recognized speaker to campus to discuss race, poverty, and social justice.  The university offers student organization funding for a wide variety of issues and subjects, except for political and religious issues.  So the university refused to fund the Aggie Conservatives’ event, despite the fact that the university regularly funds other student group events that address political and religious issues.

Texas A&M is yet another major university that has failed to abide by well-established constitutional standards when allocating campus resources to student groups.  Readers of this blog know that when public universities offer resources, whether meeting rooms or funding, they must provide all student groups equal access.  Just last year, ADF clients prevailed in a four year lawsuit that challenged restrictions on funding religious student groups at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  We hope Texas A&M will do the right thing and resolve the Aggie Conservatives’ case quickly.

If you know of similar funding restrictions at your university, contact us and let us know.