A public university in Colorado, Adams State University, is reported to have offered academic credit for an internship to students who want to serve on President Obama’s reelection campaign. No comparable internship was offered for students who want to work on Mitt Romney’s campaign.

Thankfully, the school withdrew this offer after this discrimination was brought to light, but this is just another example of the extreme liberal bias that students in higher education are subjected to. The Supreme Court held back in 1972 that our universities and colleges are supposed to be marketplaces of ideas. But the keepers of the market – administrators and college professors – are for the most part extremely biased toward conservatives and people of faith. A 2007 survey provides a good snapshot of just how liberal college professors are.

  • 62% of them identify themselves as “liberal”.
  • 69% think homosexual behavior is “not wrong at all”
  • 75% think abortion should be legal “for any reason”
  • In 2004, 78% voted for Kerry, and 20% voted for Bush.

THE SOCIAL AND POLITICAL VIEWS OF AMERICAN PROFESSORS, Neil Gross, Harvard University, Solon Simmons, George Mason University, September 24, 2007.

The good news is Alliance Defending Freedom has been successful in defending students of faith and conservatives against the incessant antagonism they often experience on campus. If you or your student is being discriminated against, let us know about it at AllianceDefendingFreedom.org, or call us at 800-835-5233.