A recent AP article picked up by news outlets across the country describes how Gano Baptist Church in Georgetown, Kentucky is teaching young people about our country’s religious heritage.  Here’s a description of the event in the Church’s own words:

At a Vacation Liberty School your children will be sent on a daily journey back to the founding of our nation and learn the truth about our history and the impact faith had on both the founding fathers and the foundation of our country.

Amazingly, the article quotes Americans United for Separation of Church and State as being concerned about this effort of a church to teach kids our religious heritage and how the Founding Fathers’ faith played an important role in their political decisions.  Let’s be clear – there is absolutely no legal prohibition on churches teaching about the religion of our founders, even if pastors do so from the pulpit. ADF has put together an easy to read summary of the current law governing churches and politics called “Guidelines for Political Activities by Churches and Pastors.” The only current prohibition on church political speech has to do with endorsing and opposing a candidate who is currently running for office (and ADF is doing its best to change that unconstitutional law through the Pulpit Initiative).

Gano Baptist Church’s Vacation Liberty School has nothing to do with particular candidates and is perfectly legal. One wonders why the Left is so afraid of kids learning the truth about our history. As Christ said, “The truth will set you free.” Gano Baptist Church appears to be doing a great job protecting our freedom by telling the truth about our history. I hope they keep it up and ignore the groundless warnings of groups like Americans United.

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