Over at Townhall.com ADF attorney, Benjamin Bull, authored an article entitled Peace on Earth in which he writes about little Domenic Johansson and how the Swedish government took him away from his parents simply because they home schooled him. The Swedish government forcibly removed Domenic 2.5 years ago!

Mr. Bull proceeds to tell the story of other Christians around the world who have been oppressed, silenced and even murdered for their faith. You can read the entire article here.

“Extremists, here and abroad, believe there can be no peace until everyone believes the same thing. In fact, peace depends not on a brutally enforced unity, but on thoughtfully cultivated freedom. In this season, as so many of us are thinking – as we should – of the children who don’t have toys or a turkey for Christmas, let us also remember those children who long not just for something to eat or play with, but for the freedom to honor the deepest convictions of their souls.”